Company Training & Safety

services_training_pic1Bringing outside contractors on site is always a nervous proposition for any plant manager. That's because you can't control their safe working practices, and any injury can bring OSHA--and all their scrutiny--into your facility.

Republic Refrigeration understands your demand for worker safety and works diligently to ensure every worker that enters your facility is trained in safe working practices to make sure your project can be completed without injury. Our safety program starts on the job site with weekly "Tool Box" meetings. Our Job Superintendents and Project Managers are responsible for the content of the meetings and safety on the site. All Superintendents and Project Managers have completed OSHA thirty hour courses, which are conducted every four years. In other years we have annual ten hour OSHA training. In addition, we conduct ammonia awareness training annually.

For our thirty hour course we engage an outside Professional Safety Instructor. For other Annual Meetings we use our engineers, insurance company specialists, selected vendors and North Carolina OSHA personnel for instructors. These are multi-day training classes that are mandatory for our key staff.

Republic’s drug program requires 100 percent pre-hire testing and monthly random testing of 10 percent of the employees. We also perform drug testing on suspicion. All employees are given drug awareness and safety training immediately after hiring.