Every successful project begins with a quality design, and Republic Refrigeration maintains the most experienced and highly qualified engineering team to ensure that happens every time. At the core of our company is our staff with over 350 combined years of commitment and achievement in the industrial refrigeration industry. Our staff of fourteen graduate engineers, nine professional engineers and fifteen seasoned superintendents is the best in the industry, making Republic Refrigeration your best choice for both new construction and facility expansion.

From conception to finished project, Republic Refrigeration routinely provides the best--and most cost effective--results in industrial refrigeration. Just check out our history of completed projects, and you can be confident we will exceed your expectations for your refrigeration project.

Every refrigeration system is unique. With different operation conditions, varying tonnage requirements and space requirements, you cannot simply cut corners with a one-size-fits all design. You should select a refrigeration contractor that has the experience and ability to custom design the optimum system for your refrigeration needs. You need a company that understands the design codes, the safety issues and the environmental compliance mandates that are unique to your facility and its location. This is done by sitting down with you so that we can understand your process, your long- and short-term goals, and even your future expansion plans. With this information we are able to design a refrigeration system that is economical, efficient and even easily expandable to keep pace with your growth and success.

3D CAD Drawings: